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Enoggera Scout Group

(formed in 1931)

61 Hurdcotte Street, ENOGGERA, BRISBANE QLD 4051

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Hall Hire


Property Hire Agreement terms



Location:          Enoggera Scout Den, 61 Hurdcotte Street, Enoggera


Hourly rate:      $25 per hour or part thereof.

Daily rate:        $100 per day.


Additional hire fees:  

Cleaning Bond $150





The hire fee must be paid at least 5 days in advance.


In exchange for this payment you will be allowed to use the property floor space, toilets, kitchen, and normal property furnishings during the period when the hire agreement applies.


You must keep the property clean and tidy, and in good repair and condition, and leave it that way at the end of each time of hiring.


You must cover and reimburse the Scouts for any loss or damage which is incurred as a result of you using the property, including by anyone connected with you, or anyone who attends the property as a result of your use of it.


You must not allow anything to be done which might be a nuisance to, or damage the property of the Scouts, or the owners or occupiers of any other property in the neighbourhood, or which might adversely affect the insurance of the property.


To have alcohol on the property, then you must first obtain the approval of the Scouts in writing and if necessary the relevant the local Council.  You must also get any Liquor Licence permits that are necessary.


You must not interfere with or remove any of the Scouts’ equipment or property.


You must allow the Scouts enter the property at reasonable times, to check on what you are doing.


When you leave, you must take all rubbish with you, and clean everything used by you, and return everything to where you found it.


You must not permit anything to be done, which the Scouts advise be a breach of the agreement between the Scouts and the owner of the property (if applicable).


If the property is to be used for dancing, then you must prepare floor appropriately.  Before doing this, you must obtain approval from the Scouts.


The Scouts may designate a particular part of the property as the only part you are entitled to use.


 If either party cancels this Hire Agreement by giving at least 48 hours written notice then the hire fee may be refunded. If notice is received from the hirer less than 48 hours from date of hire and no alternative arrangements can be agreed upon, Scouts will retain all monies paid.  If Scouts cancel this hire agreement less than 48 hours from the date of hire and no alternative arrangements can be agreed upon, all monies paid to Scouts under this hire agreement will be refunded.


If either party cancels this Hire Agreement the party cancelling the agreement must take the necessary steps to ensure the other party is formally acknowledged of the cancellation of this Hire Agreement


 Scouts do not cover your activity with its public liability policy.


 You must satisfy Scouts that you have obtained your own Public Liability Insurance to cover your hire of the property for the full hire term. If you already have Public Liability Insurance, Scouts  requires a Certificate of Currency from your Insurance Company before you may use the Property. 

 Special Conditions


You understand and agree that this Hire Agreement under no circumstances is to be considered as a lease or any other act and that this Hire Agreement confers no statutory rights of security of tenure conferred by the above Act or acts

2 If an ABN is requested then Scouts will supply a copy of a “Statement of Supplier” 


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